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Bearpaw is an embroidery and safety wear company with a diverse range of capabilities. Our skilled team excels in the art of embroidery, bringing logos, designs, and text to life on various garments and accessories. With a commitment to safety, Bearpaw offers an extensive selection of high-quality safety wear products, including garments, gloves, eyewear, and footwear.

We have the expertise to handle bulk orders and provide wholesale services, ensuring timely delivery for businesses and organizations. Bearpaw’s digitization services ensure accurate replication of designs, while our knowledgeable staff offers expert advice and consultations to guide customers in making the best choices. With our dedication to quality, customization, and meeting industry standards, Bearpaw is a trusted partner for those seeking top-notch embroidery and safety wear solutions.

what makes us different

BearPaw Highlights

Custom Embroidery

BearPaw is a specialist in the art of custom embroidery, transforming garments and accessories into personalized works of art through intricate stitching of logos, designs, and text.

Safety Wear Experts

With a focus on safety, BearPaw offers a comprehensive range of safety wear products, including high-visibility clothing, gloves, eyewear, and more, ensuring workers’ protection in various industries.

Trusted Brand Partnerships

BearPaw collaborates with reputable and established brands in the embroidery and safety wear industry, ensuring customers have access to high-quality, trusted products.

Bulk and Wholesale

The company is equipped to handle bulk orders and offers wholesale services, catering to businesses and organizations seeking customized embroidery and safety wear solutions on a larger scale.

Expert Consultations

BearPaw’s knowledgeable staff provides expert guidance, helping clients make informed decisions about garment selection, design choices, and safety wear needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Timely Delivery

Committed to customer satisfaction, BearPaw emphasizes timely delivery, ensuring that personalized embroidery and safety wear products are promptly provided to meet clients’ requirements.